Feast Your Eyes With Nourishing Foods.

Feast Your Eyes - The Full Recipe

(cookbook on the principles of Weston A. Price – ebook or Paperback)

Een kookboek waar Supermannetje aan heeft gewerkt, het hele boek gemaakt en een groot deel van de fotografie.

For the English speaking among us!

This is a classic reference work, which contains not only a valuable collection of recipes that are nourishing and wholesome for your eyes but which also features background information about this way of cooking.In Chapter 1 you can read why it is important to return to traditional, ancestral eating habits. These people possessed much wisdom and it’s high time we took this to heart. Chapter 2 describes the eleven food principles of Weston A. Price. What should or shouldn’t we eat and why?The health of our eyes is featured in Chapter 3. Eyes are hard-working organs, which demand a large amount of nutrients. This chapter will tell you exactly which substances are needed. Chapters 4 through 9 feature the actual recipes. They have been arranged into the six categories as distinguished by us with regard to eye health: eat fat, choose animal superfoods, eat collagen/gelatin-rich foods, ferment your food, slow-cook your food and learn about wholesome sweets. Each of these chapters features a lengthy section with recipes.Chapter 10 tells you where and how to find honest producers with honest products.In final chapter 11, Karin will outline what you can do to promote eye health, other than improving your nutrition.We wish you lots of cooking pleasure and mouth-watering meals!


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