P.I.A. – Piano Improvisation Academy

A chronological list of the current Piano Improvisation workshops.

PIA-Piano Improvisation Academy

Les. 1 : Learn – white keys and intervals on white keys (REGISTER) (only in UK)
Les. 1B: Learn – black keys, intervals Minor2/ Major3 (PAY & REGISTER) (NL/UK)
Les. 1C: Learn – Intervals Minor 3, 5th, triads on I-VII in C (PAY & REGISTER) (NL/UK)
Practice for 1C: Learn – play triads on roots II-V-III-VI-II-V-I-VI + bonus: MP3 play along download. (PAY & REGISTER) (NL/UK)
Les. 1D: Learn – The names of the triads on I-VII in C + why Major or Minor (PAY & REGISTER) (NL/UK)
Les. 1E: Learn – The 3 minor triads in C, the three inversions, the notation and voicing. (PAY & REGISTER) (NL/UK)
Practice for 1E: the 3 minor triads, 3 different inversions, chordnotation, triad progression voicing, practice with bass/drums play along. (PAY & REGISTER) (NL/UK)
Les. 2: What is the best way to position your hands, fingers and wrist while playing the piano. (PAY & REGISTER) (NL/UK)